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Car-body repairing with vacuum. No need for re-polishing !

Being at the wrong place at the wrong time -it can happen to anyone that his/her car 
suffers damage from hailing, or from direct/indirect actions of other people. If you want to get 
a dent like this fixed up quickly, cost-efficiently, and without any re-polishing, then the vacuum 
method is the best solution for you. 

Despite the public belief the dents are not sucked out by the vacuum – the job is not that simple. 
A professional expert’s work and a suitable tool are both needed in order to fix the problem. The 
repairing without re-polishing has the advantage of leaving the original paintwork intact, there 
will be no color issues, and no deterioration, so it is cost-efficient, quick and the thickness of the 
painting will also stay the same. So basically the material structure and the polishing remains the 

Every respectable car service has the ability to remove smaller dents without re-polishing, so 
there is no need for car-body disassembly, the original paintwork will be preserved. This 
sophisticated technology is used by the biggest car manufacturers as well to repair any damages 
that happened during the assembly/transportation of the vehicle. A car that comes directly from a 
factory cannot have any surface issues at all. It is also good to know that this technology is 
commonly accepted (and supported) by the insurance companies. 

Thanks to the applied technology, the repairing of any dents in your car will be much 
cheaper, faster, and there will be no need for any re-polishing, so your car won’t suffer any 
deterioration. Once the work is done, no one will see that there was any damage done to the car-