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Delegation and ambassador transfer in a comfortable way

Delegation and ambassador transfer in a comfortable way

When an important person arrives at a certain country, the transportation should not only be about safety, but about comfort level as well. In case of a longer trip the latter one becomes even more significant, so that the tired passengers can get to their destination (airport, home, etc.) quickly and comfortably.

Our Delegation and Ambassador Transfer offers a first class service for the group of delegates: comfortable passenger cars are available for travelling after a tiresome flight. Elastic-car can also provide the members of the delegation or the embassy with unique high quality minibuses for continuing their travel.

No matter the delegation or embassy member we can arrange the transfer at Elastic-car for anyone. In addition to that it also not a problem if it is an abroad transfer, because our comfortable and safe Delegation and Ambassador Transfer Service is available for both inland and foreign locations.

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