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Reliable sport events passenger transport service

Reliable sport events passenger transport service

Sport events gained an important role in everyday life, and not only doing but watching them can also be a hobby. And it can be very exciting too, seeing our favorite team or athlete step onto the podium - hopefully with a first place trophy.

Our Sport Events Transfer is an excellent service with which you can quickly, easily and comfortably get to an upcoming sport event. No matter if it is a basketball, a water polo or a football game, Elastic-car assures the sport fans transport to inland and foreign sport events. This way you don't have to worry about missing an important game just because you can't get to the destination in time, or if you don't have the vehicle to get there.

However our service is not just for sport fans, it is also available for teams and athletes to get to certain trainings or sport events - both to inland and abroad.

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