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Transfer to the meeting

Transfer to the meetingDo you know the feeling when you are late from a meeting, an event or a ceremony? Then you probably know how hard it is to concentrate on the driving in this case, when you are already thinking of your next item from the To-do list. Or maybe you cannot think over the meeting agenda due to the intense traffic and you appear unprepared in front of the colleges/partners.

Of course you can always call a cab in this case, but the taxi driver and his car may not suit your needs. It can also happen that the taxi that comes for you is a smaller car and therefore you won't be able to work during the travel, as there is not enough place for your laptop and you cannot go through your notes. If you cannot perform 100% during a business meeting it can mean a serious money loss.

In case you have important things to do during the travel or you just don't like being nervous sitting in a traffic jam, then you need a professional transfer service. If the elegant appearance of the car and the driver matters to you as well as to arrive on time while travelling comfortably then the services of the Elastic-Car team is the best solution!