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Elastic-Car Ltd. travelling conditions


We accept orders as per the followings:


Confirmation for orders placed via e-mail will be sent within 24 hours. We will send the exact departure date in text message until 5pm the day before the travel. In case you don't get the notification in text message before this date, call the following phone number: +36-30-422-0022 for clarification! In case the passenger cannot be reached on the given number, he/she has all the responsibility for any inconvieniencies caused by the changed circumstances (e.g. due to road or weather conditions an earlier departure is necessary and the passenger is not reachable). Transfer means transportation of a certain passenger from point A to point B, without any interruption or waiting. It is always the driver's responsibility to determine the route. Point A is the departure location where the driver fetches the passenger at the prearrenged time. Our drivers will always pick you up at the given address at the given time. Point B is the destination where the travel ends.


An order can be cancelled without any cost 48 hours before the planned departure date. Within these timeframe you are obliged to pay the full cost of the transportation. The following rules apply for CHANGING the transfer: - Modifying the date of departure is possible without any consequences up until 4 workdays before the departure. In case of a retour travel the second trip has to be within 2 months from the reservation date. The service provider doesn't take any responsibilities in case the passenger didn't communicate the date change.


The service provider doesn't take any responsibilities in case of delayed or cancelled flights. The service provider cannot be hold responsible for any faults of the airline (e.g. late refueling, malfunction of the airplane, etc.), excessive delays due to weather conditions (fog, snow, ice, wind) or for cancelled flights. We provide transportation at the prearranged dates from the confirmation. In this case several hours of waiting is also possible. If the passenger in abroad is aware of any flight delays or cancellation, he/she has to notify the service provider.


We cannot take responsibility for delays caused by unpredictable events (e.g. traffic jams due to accidents, road blocks etc.). However we always calculate alternative routes for precaution to minimize these kind of delays. In case these delays (due to road blocks, traffic jams) take too long causing the passenger to miss the check-in and the flight we cannot reimburse the costs (e.g. for the transfer, the accomodation, the plane ticket or any other claims).


The travel time between Nyíregyháza / Debrecen / Miskolc and the Liszt Ferenc International Airport Budapest depending on the road conditions and the current season takes up an average 2,5-3 hours from picking up the passenger. The exact time of the departure is calculated based on this travel time. In case of multiple stopping addresses a maximum of 15 minutes change can be expected.

In case the transfer is ordered for planes taking off between 21:00 and 06:00 or for planes landing between 0:00 and 07:00 a special price of 5000 Ft / car needs to be paid for each direction.


In order to find you the soonest upon arrival in abroad please consider the followings:


We ask you to inform us beforehand in case you will be travelling with extra luggage (with more than 1 big suitcase + 1 hand luggage / person). If the luggage is oversized or special in some way (e.g. a bicycle, a dog, a baby carriage) or if it is over the limit, we charge you an extra price of 2000 HUF / direction. A dog can only be transported in a cage in the trunk with a muzzle, and the weight must be under 10 kg! It is the responsibility of the driver to decide which luggage is considered normal sized and which isn't. An average size of a large suitcase is 158 cm (Width+Length+Height) with a weight of 20-32 kg. In case the hand baggage or the suitcase is oversized or too heavy (so it exceeds the limit), the driver can charge you an extra 2000 HUF.


The passengers will be informed beforehand about the location where our vehicle will be waiting. In case the passenger asks the driver to be within the terminal with a sign, we charge an extra 1000 HUF as parking cost.


We take responsiblity for any faults that are proved to have been caused by our company. Any complaints regarding the luggage needs to be communicated towards the driver before the arrival to the destination. We don't accept any complaints afterwards.


The passenger is directly responsible for any damage done to the vehicle or to a third party during the travel. The passenger is obliged to keep the following rules of the travel: - He/she has a health condition that allows travelling and he/she doesn't have any contagious disease. - Carrying/transporting of the following items is forbidden: any pointed or cutting instrument, firearms, any poisonous or caustic material. - The cleaning cost (in case of a smaller contamination) is 1000 HUF, but if the contamination is bigger (e.g. an interior cleaning is required) then it is 5000 HUF.


By using our services you accept all of the above travel conditions.


Paying for the transportation is possible with cash or credit card. If the price is not paid until the day of the travel, you can also pay the driver upon enterint the car. With booking the transfer, customers accept and acknowledge every travelling condition. In case the customer orders our services for others, he/she declares and makes contracts in the name of the others.

Valid from: 2015.01.01-től.

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