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What are the things you will need for renting a car?

Renting a car becomes more and more popular nowadays, because it is much more comfortable than mass transportation and sometimes it is even cheaper than a taxi. It is a very easy and fast process in our country – you only need to keep a few rules and meet the necessary requirements.

Before renting a car of course you need to decide what kind of car do you need, how many passengers will there be, for how long you need the car and what size will the luggage be. Luckily we have several types of cars available to choose from, starting from the small cars, through station wagons on to the top category of luxury cars.

Once you were able to pick the most suitable car for your needs then you only need to decide how long you will need it, a day, or maybe weeks? By now most of the car renting companies offer an easy online way to rent a car, but of course you can always visit the company in person, so the online ordering is only an option, but not necessary.

It is important to know that renting a car is allowed only for those individuals who have a driving license for more than a year and have a valid ID card and an address card. Other official documents are not required for car renting.

In case of a company though, a certificate of incorporation is also needed alongside with a specimen of signature.

Of course if you want to rent a car you must also pay a certain deposit, for which the amount depends on the specific category and the time period of the renting. For paying online you will need a valid debit/credit card or cash in case you handle the renting personally. If it is a company order then the rent can be paid for in advance, or if you pay when the car is returned, with bank card, money transfer or cash.