More than just a regular car rental agency
About us


Használja ki az autóbérlés előnyeit! The Elastic-Car Ltd. is more than just a regular rent-a-car company. The prices and services provided by our company will perfectly suit Your needs. Our rental cars are in perfect shape both technically and aesthetically (inside and outside), and they are always equipped appropriate to season. The rent includes toll fees within the country, Casco, car liability insurance and other taxes in connection with operating the car.

Renting is car is not considered as luxury, since it can happen to anyone that they don't have their own car at hand. Elastic-Car offers you the perfect choice in this case. The rent is not high, so you don't have to be afraid of having to deal with high costs while your car is undergoing some repair. The cars of Elastic-Car are in excellent condition, not to mention that our service is definitely cheaper than using taxis. You can drive safely wherever you want with our cars, or you can also ask for a chauffeur and travel even more comfortably.

With our transfer service the ride between the airport and your home becomes more convenient than ever. Another big advantage is that you can always arrive at the airport on time, because we stick to the prearranged time schedule.

Használja ki az autóbérlés előnyeit! Car body repair is also a part of our services. So if you want to have your car repaired by a professional with several years of experience, don't hesitate to contact us. We try to help our clients with expert claim settlement and precise work.

With our car maintenance service you can have your car checked at any time. As a brand-independent service we offer you a thorough and precise inspection of the car.

Our company - being a brand-independent service with several years of experience - also deals with car repair. We do quick and precise work and offer expert claim settlement for our clients. Since the retention of the insurance and the damage are different in every case, please contact our colleagues for further information.

We offer the following complex services

  • car renting
  • car renting with driver, passenger transport
  • car body repair and polish - even for car fleets
  • ctake-and-go service
  • warranty and beyond warranty service
  • towing, insurance management

Our main goal is to find the best solution for your every need. We do our services with several years of experience and aspire to extend our services and to improve dynamically, while taking our clients' observations and suggestions into consideration. We hope that we can welcome you amongst our satisfied clients soon!