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Car-body repair

Car-body and other bodywork repair in Budapest and Pest county.

For car-body repair please fill out our claimant form, so that we could get a preliminary picture about the required amount of work for car-body and polishing! We can provide more details about the exact process and costs of repair in our workshop!

Brand independent car-body repair in Budapest

Karosszéria részelem csereOur company repairs cars as a brand independent service. With several years of experience in the field the company helps its customers that got into trouble by doing precise and quick work, alongside with complete insurance claim handling. We repair the cars in our well-equipped 160m2 big workshop. We can save a lot of time for our clients by being able to do the repair workflow like damage assessment, car-body repair and polishing on site. The amount of compensation that insurance companies pay is different in every case, therefore we offer a solution to restore your car as best as possible to the condition that it was in before the damage. In case of a Casco insurance the amount and type of damage and the excess are different in every case, so please contact our colleagues for further information. We know exactly that in our profession being reliable is important, therefore we undertake guarantee for

Has your car broken down? Then you need our service!

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As our pace of life got faster, cars became the tool of our work, a part of our everyday life. Therefore even if you crashed your car you don’t have to walk on foot! Elastic-Car Ltd. offers a service, with which you can get a replacement car for a discounted price, so that you can enjoy the benefits of having a car while your damaged one is undergoing some repair!

Based on the structural design of car-body we distinguish the following types: self-supporting, semi-self-supporting and undercarriage-framed. When it comes to car-body repair size- and shape compliance is essential. The fixing of a deformed car-body is done on a straightening frame in Budapest, district 16. The advantage of this equipment is that with its precise measuring system the damaged part of the vehicle can be straightened back to factory default. When choosing a method of repair one must consider the extent of the car parts’ damage, its location and its deformity, which structural component is affected e.g. external surface, interior main support carriage, engine etc. When the car-body is damaged, crumpled, changing the car-body parts completely is not necessarily the best solution. Often the renovation of these parts could be easier and more cost-efficient for our clients. We can use factory parts, aftermarket parts or scrap parts for work, as per the needs of our customers.

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Methods of repair include

  • Alignment or straightening with or without heat in case of smaller, conventional damages e.g. : spotter, spot-welding, vacuum
  • Partial car-body part replacement, which is used in case the structural integrity would be compromised, or due to the extent or the location of the damage the part is unrepairable with conventional methods or significant side work would be needed.
  • Full car-body part replacement, which necessitates from the location or the nature of the damage, considering working time and cost effectiveness.

Methods used in case of car-body part replacement

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When an aluminum part is replaced, we only use fasteners that are coated with neutral material e.g. rivet.

  • bolted joint
  • welding methods
  • gluing

In case of parts which were previously repaired or replaced, protection against corrosion is extremely important, i.e. the refilling of undercarriage-protection and chamber-protection materials.

When plastic car-body parts are fixed – e.g. bumper - one must consider the inner molecular structure of the plastic, its behavior to heat, and its physical capabilities.

By constantly expanding our professional knowledge we always use the most efficient technology and methods of repair in order to achieve the perfect result, so that our customers can be satisfied. So if you ever need car-body repair and you are looking for a trustworthy service, don’t hesitate to contact us!