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Claim settlement

Vehicle claim settlement, claim management, car insurance

Elastic-Car Ltd. is a brand independent car service and polisher, which also deals with chassis repair and services regarding to vehicle insurance, insurance consulting, insurance management, complete Casco and Car Liability Insurance claim settlement for its partners.

Did your car suffer damage from an accident? Contact us and we will take care of everything for you.

What does our insurance management include in this case?

  • We help with reporting the damage.
  • We prepare the documents which have to be submitted for claim settlement.
  • We will take care of the administration for you.
  • We will manage the claim settlement process.
  • We will settle with the insurance company about the repair costs.

What kind of supplementary services can we offer?

  • We have a car rescue service with an own transporter car that operates within Budapest and Pest county.
  • We repair your car and fix the polish or repolish the damaged car body parts.
  • We provide a replacement car for the duration of the repair.
  • We hand over the fixed cars to our clients at our site, or at a specified address.
You just need to hand over the damaged car to us and we will take care of everything for you.

Claim reporting

In case an accident happens to the car then a proper report must be made to the corresponding insurance company which will settle the claim. Determining which insurance company is going to settle happens as follows:

  • If the accident was an own fault then the company where the casco insurance was made.
  • If the damage was caused by someone else then the insurance company where the person's car liability insurance was made. In case the identity is unknown the insurance company will provide information about it based on the license plate number.
  • If that other person didn't have a car liability insurance then please contact MABISZ (which is a short form for Hungarian Insurance Alliance).

For effective claim reporting every insurance company has an own vehicle claim reporting form on which every relevant detail of the harmful event, the victim's and the offender's personal information can be recorded.

The claim reporting forms can be downloaded from the links below:

Claim reporting exampleClaim reporting example

Authorization for Elastic-Car Ltd. - permission form »

Insurance management

With the insurance management provided by Elastic-Car Ltd. we take the burden of administration off your shoulders, no matter that it is a casco or a liability based claim settlement. Once the report forms were filled for the corresponding insurance company after a harmful event we will take care of everything from claim reporting to repair, including settling with the insurance company about the repair costs.

This way our customers do not need to pay for the full price of the repair! The insurance companies reserve the rights to examine the particular insurance event thoroughly after the harmful event occurred and before paying the damage costs.

Vehicle claim settlement

There are two kind of claim settlements after a harmful event:

Casco claim settlement

This type of claim settlement deals with damage done to our own asset, vehicle ? damage which was not caused by the liability of an other driver. The insurance company reimburses costs as defined in the insurance bond with the excess deducted! Clients with a casco insurance can feel themselves safe as their cars are secured. Since the excess and the amount and type of damage is different in every case please contact our colleagues for further information.

Car liability insurance claim settlement

It covers the damage caused by us. It is important and compulsory to have a car liability insurance for everyone driving a car. The claim will be settled with the insurance company of the third party that drove the vehicle which caused the damage.

Insurance managementClaim settlement begins right after the accident. Depending on the scale and the severity of the accident besides notifying the appropriate authorities, treating wounded people if there are any and securing the scene, it is the responsibility of the people that are present to avert or prevent any further damage (obligation for damage mitigation). It is recommended that we also take pictures on the scene of the accident! Once the damaged car arrives to our workshop from the scene of the accident we will start the complete process of insurance management. We will send the filled in claim report forms to the corresponding insurance company. They will then send an expert to record the visible damages. After the car is disassembled it is possible to ask for a second inspection where the previously unseen damages can be recorded. Then the ordering of the necessary parts, the chassis work, the polishing, the wheel aligning, the repair works can begin ? meanwhile the insurer will send us information about the legal basis and coverage of the insurance. Once the car is repaired we will contact our clients and inform them about the date when they can get their car in our site.

Documents of the claim settlement

Here you can find a list of documents that the insurance companies generally needs for settling a claim. Please prepare these documents and hand over to the damage expert in order to shorten the time of claim settlement! These are:

  • The original version of the accident report form (blue-yellow), or original papers received from the police (In case the original papers were already submitted to the insurance company at the time of the claim report, please give the copies of these to the damage expert upon damage assessment.)
  • Filled out vehicle claim report.
  • Copy of the registration certificate.
  • Copy of the driver's license.
  • Copy of the vehicle registration card or a bank authorization (In case the car was bought on credit the authorization of the creditor company - which entitles the client for receiving the damage costs ? and the copy of the signature specimen from the creditor company. Some of the companies will only provide this document after the claim report was presented to them.)
  • In case of firms the following documents are needed:
    • Copy of the signature specimen.
    • VAT statement.
    • Bank account number.
    • Authorization to claim management for the person who is acting on behalf of the company.

Replacement car for the duration of claim settlement

Our company provides a replacement car for the duration of the claim settlement and the car repair, so that you don't have to be without a car even for that time. We can offer this service to our customers at a discounted price.

Car rescue in Budapest and Pest county

Our colleagues provide a professional and quick car rescue service to car owners in Budapest and Pest county. No matter that it is a technical problem, a smaller or a bigger damage, our experts are always ready to go and help.

Car rescue in Budapest and Pest county

Vehicle insurance contract

Vehicle insurance contractIn most cases of buying a used or a new car it becomes necessary to get a car liability insurance, and sometimes it is also recommended to get further insurances like Casco, personal or luggage insurance etc. The insurance companies have lots of different packages for car owners, which tend to differ significantly in regards to included services and prices.

Elastic-Car currently offers packages from 13 insurance companies for its clients. Our insurance consulting service helps you to choose the optimal one, whether it is a car liability insurance, Casco or any other insurance package.