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Legal notice

Legal Notice

1. General Rule

Any access to or use of the website of Elastic-Car Kft. (hereinafter referred to as Elastic-Car Ltd.) is only allowed based on the below terms and conditions and in accordance with the laws of (the Republic of) Hungary.

2. Copyright

Jogi nyilatkozatThe webpage of Elastic-Car Ltd. is copyright protected. Elastic-Car Ltd. is the owner or the authorized user of copyrights and intellectual property of any text, picture, sound, software and other content on the webpage.  

The website of Elastic-Car Ltd. is protected by copyright law. Elastic-Car Ltd. is the owner or authorized user of copyright and other intellectual property rights related to any text, image, sound, software or other material on the website. The user is entitled to read the website of Elastic-Car Ltd., export copies of it via printing, disc download or forwarding it for third persons, but only for personal, non-commercial use or informational purposes. Selling or forwarding copies of any part of the website for commercial profit or including it into any other work, publication or website is prohibited. Elastic-Car Ltd. does not provide any kind of authorization other than these, related to its website.

3. Contents of the website

All information were placed on the website bona fide. However, they are meant exclusively for informational purposes. This information shall not serve as a basis for any purposes other than information. Elastic-Car Ltd. does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information.

Elastic-Car Ltd., its employees or contractors shall not be held responsible for any losses, damages or costs (including, without restriction, loss of profit, indirect, incremental or consequential losses) which may result from access to or use of the website of Elastic-Car Ltd.

Elastic-Car Ltd. reserves the right to make changes or corrections to the contents of its website whenever it is deemed necessary, without any prior notification.

4. Related pages

The website of Elastic-Car Ltd. may contain hyperlinks that automatically navigate the user to other websites on the Internet. These related pages may be owned or operated by third parties.

Elastic-Car Ltd. does only provide links to these related pages, but does not take any obligation or responsibility related to these websites or the information therein. This applies also if any of these information was reviewed or endorsed by an employee or contractor of Elastic-Car Ltd.

5. Privacy policy; collection and use of personal data

Elastic-Car Ltd. respects the privacy rights and personal data of its website users. Personal data are data by which you can be identified, i.e. name, address, phone number or e-mail address.

Elastic-Car Ltd. only records personal data that you provide voluntarily. By sharing your personal data with us, you are authorizing us to use the information in a way and for the purposes described herein or defined explicitly on the website.

Your personal data will be stored in the database of Elastic-Car Ltd. Elastic-Car Ltd. will handle your data strictly confidentially. In case you wish to withdraw the authorization for us to use your data in the future, please inform us on the e-mail address.

Unless you specify otherwise (and beside other ways and purposes specified on the website), Elastic Car Ltd. might use the personal data you have voluntarily provided as described below:

  • Mailing to your name and address
  • Providing information on special offers or events of Elastic-Car Ltd. via mail, e-mail or phone
  • Furthermore, if you win a gift, this shall be made public on the website of Elastic-Car Ltd.

In order to protect your personal data when using some of our features (forum), only the (nick)name you have specified will be displayed.

In case we send you something by mail, we must disclose your data to other companies so that you can receive your mail without problems and as soon as possible. However, these suppliers and other companies are not entitled in the future, to use your personal data in any form. However, please consider that there might be situations in which we are bound by law, order by the Court or other authorities, to disclose your personal data.

You might have heard of so-called cookies. These are files or small pieces of data your web browser saves from our website and stores them on your computer. These cookies will help the server on which the material of our website is stored to recognize the data you have previously provided, so it won't request these data again when you are returning to our website.

Most Internet browsers are enabled to accept cookies. You might modify the settings of your browser to decline cookies or notify you when cookies are being sent to your computer. If you decline cookies, you might not be able to visit certain parts of our website or receive customized information.

Furthermore, we would like to continuously improve the services of our website by monitoring the traffic of the individual pages by the number of clicks on pages or images.

Our website might save information of your computer like the IP address (this is a number to identify the computer each time it visits a website), the type of your web browser or the operating system of your computer. This is necessary for our website to provide a real web experience and function as an effective source of information. These information are not personal data.

We do all reasonable measures to secure your personal information. Access to all the personal data you have provided is seriously restricted in order to prevent unauthorized access, modification or unauthorized use of personal data.

6. Amending Legal Statements

Elastic-Car Ltd. reserves the right to make changes within its own scope. However, these changes will always be communicated to our customers on this part of the website.

7. Cookie settings