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Vehicle repair

Vehicle repairWe are an independent garage providing full breakdown services for our customers quickly and precisely with several years of experience. Our well-equipped and spacious garage (160m2) ensures the vehicle repair within and over the manufacturer’s’ guarantee period. By managing all types of repairs onsite saves time for our customers. For our customers, significant time and money savings can be achieved by performing repair workflows locally. Once the fault is detected, it is possible to install factory and aftermarket parts according to the customer's needs and expectations. We certainly can manage the full administration of your insurance besides the repair works. Reliability is vital in this industry therefore we ensure our customers of a spotless service by providing guaranty for our repairs. Should you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.


Why is it important to have a car serviced?

Vehicle repairIf we take the human body for example then we can say that a smaller wound - if left untreated - can spread and cause a more serious problem for which the healing process takes more time and probably more money. It is the same with cars. Any smaller damage could cause a bigger and more expensive problem

Having a car serviced helps to avoid or minimize any market value loss and has an accident preventive effect. A dent for example has a negative effect on the aerodynamics of the vehicle which results in an increased fuel consumption. And this is the least of your problems - if there is even a small distortion in the wheel and you don't have it fixed then it will damage the under-carriage. Or in the worst case scenario the faulty tire will cause an accident, endangering the corporal integrity of the passengers.

So bring your car to us and we will grant it a full and professional service. We also have experience in servicing damaged cars and cars that have been in an accident. Besides, if you need a CASCO damage-settling, administration work or just servicing then you can also contact us with confidence!

We will settle everything for you, so that you can be safe on the roads!

Tire service in winter and summer

Tire service in winter and summerSince the road conditions get worse when it is rainy and cold using snow-tires is essential since it helps the adhesion. These tires are made of different materials than the summer-tires so that they don't get brittle and rigid on the icy roads. Furthermore they have special patterns; they are thinner and higher in size. Thanks to these features there is an improved adhesion and the driving becomes safer.

It is often said how important is to drive carefully. In order to do that, you have to maintain your car regularly. With using seasonal tires you can avoid accidents, damage to property and injuries at the same time!

If your and others' corporal integrity is important to you and you would like to avoid any unnecessary costs then visit our service at any time of the year and we will equip your car with the proper tires! Contact us with confidence and our professional experts are pleased to help you!