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Car body works

Repair of crashed cars, damaged car body and ice damage, car body renovation, painting in high quality.

Car body repair

Car polish works

Car body repairs

Car body repairs We are an independent garage providing full breakdown services for our customers quickly and precisely with several years of experience. In case of a Casco insurance our company offers a deductible discount if we can fix your car. This exceptional service saves you a significant sum of money although this service considerably depends on your breakdown policy. Our spacious garage (160m2) is well equipped and saves you time by managing all types of repairs onsite. Reliability is vital in this industry therefore we ensure our customers of a spotless service by providing guaranty for our repairs. Should you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.

In this accelerated time we hardly can live without a car, it is a commodity; hence we can provide you and Opel Astra while we prepare your car even free of charge. Please contact us for further information.

Did your car break down? Then you need our service!

In our modern life cars became a significant part of our lives, a lot of people require them for their work. In case your car broke down that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to travel on foot! By Elastic-Car LLC you can have a replacement car for free until we finish repairing your vehicle!

Car-body repairs

In case of car-body damages it is not always the best solution to completely change the body parts. Reconditioning of these parts is often easier and more cost-efficient for our clients.

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We can work with car parts that are original, remanufactured, or recovered - depending on our client's needs. A body ironer's job also includes the followings: rear-view mirrors fixing,-flattening,- mounting and dismounting, embossing and stretching, corrosion prevention and preparing cars for re-polishing. In our metering and controlling work-benches we are able to execute precise preliminary calculations in order to work efficiently.

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We are continuously expanding our knowledge; always apply the actual, most efficient technology and repairing methods in order to achieve the best end result and therefore satisfied customers.

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If the car-body needs repairing and you are looking for a reliable car service, don't hesitate to contact us!